Spacep0d is a YouTube Motovlogger. Arriving on the scene in July 2012, this month marks the one-year anniversary of the Spacep0d vlog!


Spacep0d started riding in 1984 on a Honda Spree, at the age of 16 or so. From there, he moved up to a Honda Elite 150 Deluxe in 1986. When a friend got into a bad motorcycle accident (he’s fine today), Spacep0d’s maternal unit became overcome with worry. This ushered-in what would be a long-period without two wheels, trying to make slow cars less slow. This pursuit was ultimately unsatisfying, and Spacep0d dreamed of flight in the 2-dimensions inherent to two-wheeled transport.

In 2000, Spacep0d acquired a used 1999 Ninja 250 and put 8000+ miles on it. Then, he moved up to a 2002 SV650S after trying out his broternal unit’s SV650. Impressive V-Twin power! After crashing that bike in the canyon and at the track, the P0D was on his way to learning the hard-lessons of riding and coming back for more, despite suffering a separated-shoulder and mild concussion at a Fontucky track-day.

A friend with an R1 and a wildly-inappropriate name allowed Spacep0d to try his 2004 R1 (for a fee and with contracts in-place), and Spacep0d was SpaceSmitten. Soon, Spacep0d and SlowMike both had R1s, with Spacep0d’s being of the Raven variety. Later, P0D picked up a 2007 GSX-R 600 as a backup bike. For a couple years, the P0D had two bikes and no car!

Sometime in 2011, Spacep0d picked up a GSX-R 750 and rode that around. Several mods were applied, including a full body-kit replacement after a gravel incident at ACH. Financial duress (taxes) prompted the quick-sale of the 750 and purchase of a Ninja 300, which is Spacep0d’s current ride and one he’s quite happy-with. The mods done to the 300 have spawned a flurry of videos and it’s a bike quite-popular with beginners and experienced-riders alike.

Spacep0d is also an artist, musician, skeptic, critical-thinker, voracious-reader, iconoclast and has worked in the video-game industry as an artist since 1989.

Welcome to the site and it’s sincerely-hoped that you enjoy the YouTube channel.

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