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NEED ART? NEED DECALS? You’re in the right place!

ScifiguySpacep0d is a professional artist, having worked in the video-game business since 1989 and is capable of many different styles of art to match your needs.

Orc Voodoo Warrior by Spacep0d. ZBrush and 3D Studio Max.

Orc Voodoo Warrior by Spacep0d. ZBrush and 3D Studio Max.

Spacep0d has been creating and cutting decals of all types for years and has perfected various techniques; simple decal cutting, multi-layer decals, domed decals (UV-safe polyurethane resin) and custom contour-cutting of printed designs. Spacep0d also cuts decals for an aftermarket car company here in SoCal and his decals are shipped worldwide. A few celebrities have Spacep0d decals on their vehicles!

Spacep0d can interpret your ideas, refine them and make them ready for your decals, shirts, mugs, etc. Spacep0d can also come up with ideas on your behalf and present you choices and advice while keeping things simple and effective. Is your design too complicated? Spacep0d will help you simplify it for more-effective branding.

Whether you’re a vlogger in-need of a logo for decals to mail to fans, or anyone who needs art for any reason, Spacep0d can deliver!

Just email with your ideas and the p0d will quote you a flat-rate price for artwork, a logo, a run of decals or all of the above!

Check out the VloggerDecal Gallery HERE!

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More Spacep0d Art

More Spacep0d Art!




  1. Hey Spacep0d,
    I sent you and email regarding my hiring you to design some artwork.
    (I’m not sure if you’ve already looked at it so I figure I’d post here, in case my email got lost in spam or something)


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