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  1. emc2

    Hey Dan:

    Just signed up for your website and I think I noticed a glitch that might effect new users trying to sign up.

    The basic signup process works ok, but when you retrieve the confirmation email and return to sign in, your are asked for “Email” and “Password”. The site, however, doesn’t want “Email” it wants your user name.

    Not to hard to figure out once the initial login fails, but….

    Also; I have a request for a couple of custom decals;

    One for Flash-Tune (finally got mine installed) and a bit of 300 humor – “WARNING! DO NOT EXCEED 100 MPH IN 4TH GEAR1” (You know, like a yellow and black on a red background).

    Can you do something like that?



  2. I enjoy your videos. I recall a video where you stated that you were a little regretful that you didn’t purchase a Honda cbr500r. Do you still feel that way? I can’t decide on the ninja or the cbr and would appreciate your insight.

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