All the gear all the time!

My philosophy is this, if it’s too hot to wear your gear, it’s too hot to ride. Why the gear? Protect yourself and  take your sport seriously…and you’ll perform better. Don’t forget the earplugs!

Helmet_Graphics_04   Helmet_Graphics_01

Spacepod’s Gear
Suit: Custom 2-piece leather NASA-themed suit designed by me (based on the NASA EVA ‘spacesuits’), made by Z-Custom Leathers in Santa Ana. 
Boots: Frey-Daytona M-Star boots, made custom in white. American distribution by Revzilla
Helmet: HJC CL-16, Size small. Fits ‘long-oval’ heads. Custom graphics by Spacep0d.
Gloves: Dainese Pro-Carbon
Custom-Earplugs: (see video): Avery Sound
Main Camera: GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition
Secondary Cam: GoPro HD Hero 3 White Edition
Comms: SENA 20s Bluetooth Communicator with GP10 Backpack for GoPro.
Mic: Flex-mic from eBay

Met long-time JPL employee, Minh!

Met a veteran JPL employee at a Yamaha demo day!