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Tell me which vlog topics you’d like to see from me in the future! Leave your comments here. I may put polls here too.

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  1. MotorradAdventure

    Hi Spacep0d!

    I was wondering about the break-in tips you said were coming. It was mentioned at the end of the Ninja 300 purchase video. You talked about varying the revs in the purchase video and in the video where you were on the way to Flash-Tune, but I haven’t seen an in-depth video from you about the variable load method you use for breaking in bikes. I’d like to hear about where you got it from, and why you prefer this method. Also, I was wondering if you’ve heard of the hard break in method? What are your thoughts on that?

    The other vlog I’d like to request is about safety features–specifically, ABS. Would you recommend getting it, especially to new riders? I guess you could talk about the pros and cons. By the way, your Ninja doesn’t have ABS because of the color, correct? If it was an option for the white, would you add it?

    I had other ideas, but I can’t remember them at the moment. But the above should be enough for now.

    Thanks, and ride safe!

    • Spacep0d

      Hi Alpinestars1z,

      Yeah, I probably need to go more in-depth on this topic. I’ve read about hard break-ins, and this is kind of a blend between that and manufacturer-suggested methods. Of course, I think the manufacturer methods are too conservative, so with all my reading and research (and many bikes), I’ve determined that I can just basically ride normally, vary my revs and put the engine under heavier load occasionally. I broke in my R1, GSX-R 600 and Ninja 300 like this. This logic primarily comes from the fact that bikes are run-in before they’re released from the factory (from my reading), so varying the revs for the first 600 miles is fitting. I broke in a Ninja 650R (first gen) like this too (for a friend) and his bike is still running strong.

      I recommend ABS for any rider, and it’ll be a good vlog topic. You’re right, my Ninja does not have ABS. That’s the Special Edition only (and not all SE bikes have ABS).

      Thanks much!


  2. pierrot

    Hi Spacep0d Im 300 SE owner thanks to you and Mark. With all upgrades, what is your top speed? From Mexico Saludos Amigo!!

  3. renegadebiker24

    Hey Space, I was wondering if you can do a vlog about the comparison between a Street bike and a Cruiser, and the difference that it makes when you have a fairing on a street bike compared to a engine guard on a cruiser, and why it is economical to have those, so that the rider saves money on repairs to the engine on both the internal side as well as the external side of the engine. How is that for a Vlog? :)

  4. blackice

    id like to see a vlog entitled “fz6r vs. fz-07- which is the better starter bike for a 250-260lb, 6’1″ grey-haired, almost-middle-aged dude?”

  5. blackice

    oh, and id also like to see more advice for beginnes, and maybe a short vlog on why sportbikes are widely considered a young guys bike. someone like me, (noob in their upper 30s…ok, maybe just me) feels like they have to defend their spokrtbike decision against all their cruiser-riding peers.

  6. RidinDutch

    Spacepod, your videos are relevant and go into detail like no other motovlogger’s. You could talk about the correlation between depression and 1st world contries. Sadly this subject is very relevant in our world and (pretty much) everyone deals with this issue at a certain part of their life.

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